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Kevin Wilbanks
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Joseph Huebner wrote:

Thanks for the clarification. The ice massage was prescribed to me by a physician who is also a triathelete who competes in ironman competitions (running, biking, swimming). Me dumb paramedic. Him doctor. Just passing along something that has worked for me.

Joseph Huebner
I know ice massage is a standard therapy. It's just that based on my experience with ice, I can't believe that it's actually 'icing' very much, unless we're talking about something like "shin splints" which are very superficial. Anything that works for you is great, so long as there are no side effect problems. If the doctor still believes that long term muscle soreness is due to lactic acid lingering in the muscles, I don't know what to say. Arguments from authority hold no weight with me. He needs to do some reading. Any basic exercise science text should contain this information.

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