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Good points about the frying pan or other things such as hands not being expressly designed as a weapon.

I guess my point was is that you cannot blame the weapon, only the person who uses it.

I can't really think of any good reason for guns to exsist other than to kill.

Yes, you can argue target practice and markmanship, and I would submit that in that case, you could use a gun in a non-violent way.

Then again, we use "weapons" in martial arts, bokken, tanto, etc.

Are not the designs of these things expressly for killing? and do we not use them in a non-violent way to train and cultivate ourselves to become better?

I believe it is possible to kill with compassion and in a non-violent way. An example would be a police officer that does so to protect another's life. Does this meet the definition of violence?

The more I think about it...the muddier things seem to get!

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