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NSAID side effects

Kaitlin Costello (KaitlinCostello) wrote:
Before I was put on Lortab I was taking a lot of acetaminophen-- downside to it, liver damage. I would recommend staying far far far away from Acetaminophen…
Hi Kaitlin

You're right about acetaminophen especially if it's combined with codeine (double liver whammy). It should be important to note that just about every NSAID has a negative side.

Though acetaminophen is known for liver damage, ibuprophen, naproxen, and aspirin have been linked to kidney damage and in some cases failure. Recently, I've also heard of edema in the legs as a side of ibuprophen, but haven't seen the literature on that yet.

Overall, everything we put in our bodies should be addressed with care (IMHO). Everything we've discussed on this list has it's downside, we just have to keep our eyes wide open as we attempt to treat our bodies.

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