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Confused Children who don't want to learn

i've never watched a children's aikido class, so please forgive me if this doesn't apply to aikido. at our wu shu school, tuesday evenings is mixed adults and children, so a few older students go along and help out some of the junior members. however, at the moment there seem to be a lot of younger members (between 8 and 11) who just don't seem to want to learn anything. they mess about more than they train, are disrespectful to the seniors, and rarely even listen to the teacher. we are trying to help these young people to learn martial arts, but they refuse to even do the basic techniques, so they aren't learning anything.

has anyone else experienced similar problems? does anyone have any suggestions as to how we could better structure classes? i feel that it would be unfair to exclude young people from training, as we do have a few very dedicated younger members, but on the other hand, it seems like a huge struggle to fight the rude and apathetic students.

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