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Dennis Hooker
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Shane, I am not trying to break off the discussion but this subject has had much airing here and on the Aiki News website. With a little diligence I believe you will find the subject well discussed and many a varying viewpoint. Last Saturday Susan Perry editor of Aikido Today Magazine interviewed me and this subject was discussed. I am Christian also and a once-upon-time minister. Aikido can be spiritual but it is not a religion nor does it compromise ones religious believes. However, a person can be weak of faith and any seemingly contrary action can be misconstrued as irreverence or even sacrilege. The question is what is in the individual's heart and mind. If it is unshakable faith then all the Japanese trappings that go along with the art don't mean diddly. Of course you will find that occasional person that tries to mix a lot of extraneous mumbo jumbo into the Aikido and then you have a problem. Avoid the nuts and your you will be alright.

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