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Dennis Hooker
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WHAT! Dan, Linden Sensei, you old dog, you believe hunting and fishing is violent. Its gathering, harvesting, sustaining life. Some of the little beasties was meant to get shot in the head , it don't fit into my idea of violence. It may be a bit rough and a little uncouth to some folks but violent? Hell for the first few years of our marriage my wife, children and I (as you know Dan) mostly lived off what I killed. It was not an option it was a way of life for a class of people. I do not in least consider it violent. Perhaps my perspective on the question is unique and perhaps even wrong but to me violence follows intent. Now catch them in a steel trap and beat their heads in with a club while smiling now that is violence. I believe a volcano and a hurricane are awesome acts of the power of nature but not violent because there is no intent. Now I said earlier I believe an Aikidoka should harbor no intent to do violence. I do believe that is the highest goal. Am I there, of course not? You know me to well to believe I am not still on occasion a violent natured individual but damn I'm trying to get better. By the way let's go harvest some of god's creatures this weekend. Some folks are going to read this and see my civilized veneer striped off. But I opened the dace to get opinions, I did offer up arguments but evaluations of my perspective and I'll be damned if some peaceful folks didn't come back with violent intent string statements and bitch slapping words. I love it.

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