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Interesting post guys! I liked Johans and Clarks.

.-Fear is one of the world's worstest plagues that affects humans, and that have parcially stoped the proper evolution of the race, one of the most wide spread pathetical characteristic that affects millions of men and women is cowardise, wich is directly supported by fear. Just follow the idea, dont rush.

Fear is natural, fear is human, and we all know it and feel it along our lives.

Egotism, ambition, envy, possesion are supported by fear.

Any form of violence from psycological agressiveness to assaulting, raping, murdering, have fear by its primordial component.

So, wich role could play "fear" in understanding and developing of any martial art for physical or spiritual purposes?

What fear have to do in realising Ueshibas art of peace?

The second is an easy one(?), the premise is:

"the time my actions are moved by fear Im moving proporcionally far from peace and harmony"

About the first one Ive to say (I dont pretend to teach you anything, it is supposed you to know it) this:

Fear endures your spirit, makes you to learn fast, fear management can be a powerful tool at the time to highlight those dark sides you have.

Pressure make to pop the best you have on you.

Tension make your body and spirit accostumed to lifes unpredictability.

You can list many others as valid.

BUT listen, There re many disturbed people out there (emotionally and mentally disbalanced, medications,drugs, alcohol, THIS means that trying fear, pressure, or tension used as a tool of growth can have inverse results, ONLY a Qualified person (those who knows what fear is and how control it and used it) surely know how much fear a student can handle and consecuently be applied

on grades for pedagogical purposes.

Regular people and beginners cant handle fear, they try to run out inmediately, but THATS why Martial tranning IS after all.

My conclusion? I believe that in some dojos instructors and students even care for to explore fear and pressure posilities for to matially grow.

To the original question: No, not in actual context and with most people that frecuent dojos today.

Take it or live it, whatever.


Caracas, Venezuela
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