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Talking You can lead a horse to water...

...but it's still a horse.

Hello once again Paul,

He told me he was going to kill me, it doesn't get any more overt than that, and his attack didn't do any psychological harm to me either.

Speaking of hostile work environments...I work at a non-profit correctional facility here in Juneau. We run the local CRC (Community Residential Center) for the State of Alaska Dept of Corrections - otherwise known as a halfway house. I've seen and dealt with the full gamut of personalities here - murderers, sex offenders, etc., and I've never been threatened by an inmate, either directly or indirectly.

Once again, no one is saying that attacks aren't violent, but my response/atemi to this particular persons nonsense weren't violent - it ended peacefully for all.

Non-physical attacks in general do not equal the non-physical Atemi we practice in Aikido, this is a misunderstanding on your part.

The point isn't whether people have openings, but rather that Kihon Waza teach us leading as we learn them - it's a part of the technique.


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