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Do symbol Atemi - by way of example...

A simple, effective, and non-harmful psychological Atemi - confusion.

A 6'4" Alaskan fisherman at a boat harbor once threatened to kill me. All I was doing was retrieving Pepsi from a vending machine, when around the corner came a mean drunk...he threatened me and reached back for a knife, I said fine - go right ahead and do it (kill me). Of course, I had the advantage the whole time; It was night, I had the light of the vending machine behind me, he had a twenty foot drop into the water behind him, I was sober, he wasn't. He reconsidered his first remark and told me to leave, I said no. He apologized and tried to explain his inebriated frustration [with the world], then went on his way. I don't think he even remembered the event to be honest. See my point?


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