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Thank you for your thoughtful response. I do feel that when one trains to break arms, dislocate shoulders and fracture necks and backs - learn hundreds of ways to accomplish this - and actually practice doing it with live human beings, well, if it quacks like a duck...

NO - if you bump your wife and she dies in the fall I guess she was not a victim of violence. Unless you actually study how to bump her just so... Tell me... is an auto crash violent? Is a burning building violent? Are we just jerking around with semantics?

Violence appears to me to be doing anything that harms another person, I just don't care about your intent - it doesn't matter. If one was truly of a perfect aiki mind one would emulate those perfect Indian masters who would rather die than hurt another being.

I think I should stipulate here that I have no problem at all with violence. I hunt and fish and practice a martial art - I would be a hipocrite to deny it.

Daniel G. Linden
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