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Erik Young
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Fear is an interesting phenomenon. It is the mind/body's natural way to help protect us nto so bright Homo Sapiens (c'mon...we're the only creature on Earth that, when faced with death due to head-braking activities...invented the helmet so that we could conitnue engaging in head-breaking activities. ).

In moderate doses, fear keeps us alive. Fear keeps us from poking Grizzly bears with sticks.

However, chronic fear is very debilitating. It is also one of the more treatable psychological conditions one can have.

So, a little fear tells one that something harmful is nearby and/or happening. Ti is a cue to deal with that situation. HOwever, the question involves chronic fdear...having fear *everyday* in Aikido. This, IMHO, is not poses an obstacle that can hinder growth. Chronic fear is hard to overcome/deal with...if there is chronic fear, then there is a chronic problem.

Anyway, fear is something 5to be respected, understood, and possibly overcome....overcoming only comes with understanding.

Now that I've rambled off my stream of consciosness, I'll return to lurking.

*cloaking shiled on*



HAve you heard the one about the agnostic dyslexic? He wasn't sure if he believed in the existence of Dog.
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