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Leo Posmetny
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I think its fear of something that you dont know how to do or you think you not oing to be able to do. I beleive it is a good way to grow because if you will face things that you afraid of eventually you wont be afraid of them and will face then as any other thing.

I'm a senior in high school and good example will be when I have huge paper due usually I would be afraid to do it because I would thinik its too hard and I wont be able to do it, and put it off to the last minute and then rush toget it done. If you face that fear, you not going to think if its hard or not, you will just simply do it.

"Even if you do a technique a million times it wont be purfect, every new time you will do it, u will discover something new. You can get to the perfect close, very close but auctually you can't ever reach it" Good example of that could be Infinty in math
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