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Re: best aikido book

Ian Dodkins (ian) wrote:
Sometimes I wish sports scientists would grab a group of Shihan, stick them in a room and force them to write a book about the mechanics and psychology of aikido. Are these things too difficult to put down on paper?
The closest I ever found to something like this was a couple of papers I discovered when doing research for my sports medicine rotation. The papers are:

Seitz F, Olson G. A martial arts exploration of elbow anatomy: ikkyo (aikido's first teaching). Percept Mot Skills 1991; 73:1227-34.

Eckert J, Lee T. The anatomy of nikyo (aikido's second teaching). Percep Mot Skills 1993; 77:123-131.

Olson G, Seitz F. An examination of aikido's fourth teaching: an anatomical study of the tissues of the forearm. Percept Mot Skills 1990;71:1059-1066.

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