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devil's advocate

Violence is the act of forcing your will upon another person.
By this definition, pinning someone is violent. Law Enforcement officers arresting someone is violent. A judge sentancing a criminal is violent.
As for martial arts techniques, they aren't violent. They are tools. It's how you use them that matters, not what they can do.
The classic counter argument is that tools were originally designed for a purpose. That purpose may be and should be examined ethically. A firearm can be used to open mail, but it was most likely designed with the idea of killing something or someone. A scientist can rationalize working on a new military weapon by saying, "this could have other applications in society", but that doesn't omit the fact the weapon was designed to cause violence.

Why have techniques where limbs may be broken or vital points struck? Is not sankyo an act of violence (forcing your will on someone by limiting the way and direction in which they can move without pain or injury)?
If someone attacks me without provocation and I accidentally (remember intent) break their arm, oh well. They screwed up and decided to be violent and now they have to deal with the consequences.
Actually, since you live in the USA, you are responsible for your actions under the law. If a DA determines based on a police report that accidentally or incidentally, breaking someone's arm was excessive, you will be charged and prosectuted. It's not just a moral/ethical issue. It is also a legal one.


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