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Wink Read, think, assimilate, rinse, and repeat...

With all due respect to those that have responded to my posts, you've failed to grasp what was written and I do not think I could have been more lucid, which isn't necessarily the fault of the reader. Of course you will all recognize that the forums are nothing more than an Aikido based Rorschach test - you know, the ink blots. Often our commentary reveals more about how we think than what we know of a subject, and it seems readily apparent to me that the responses to my posts are no exception. Rather than connecting all the dots explicitly I tend to exclude logical connectors for the sake of brevity - they're implicit in what was written though.


Hello Ian,

The scenario was a moral dichotomy of sorts; do you allow your opponent to harm himself or not?

If you can explicitly define the violence in Aikido, then by all means do, so far no one has. However, please reread my first post and point out the inconsistencies clearly. Think your idea through and make your case!

I can't tell from the context whether you were making a general statement or referring to me regarding your statement, 'If you are totally opposed to violence in any form, why are you practicing a martial art?' For the sake of clarity, that was not stated or implied in any of my posts.

By the way, don't shut up.

Hello Linda,

If your first instinct to a hand moving rapidly toward your face isn't to avoid it, then you should develop this reflex - for most it is natural -- and there's nothing ‘expert' about responding with the simplest solution. In fact in the inherently violent art of Muay Thai I always avoid and redirect rather than meet force with force, which is the opposite of what others in my class with a Karate background tend to do. We all tend to ‘run home to momma' so to speak don't we?

Finally, It was just a hypothetical scenario -- I'm far too menacing looking to be bothered by people in bars.

Sorry to all about this post -- it is a bit off topic.

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