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Re: all tied up

Mike Lee (mike lee) wrote:
In Japan, women have small ties to keep the top of the gi in place. Some men also use them. I think I recall Nishio Sensei wearing one.
Yep! Just take a look at the homepage below and choose the link called "Shoji Nishio Sensei,..."

And to Olga: Don't pay to much attention to that old underwear/hakama/gi/modesty discussion. It's has been debated on this forum at least a couple of times during the last couple of years, and opinions and myths are just about as many as there are aikido-ka's. The Gi is a set of close well suited for aikido practice, and the hakama is used in most dojo's by either all or a group of students. The rules for selecting who can wear what and why differ from dojo to dojo, just like the variety of belt-colors, kyu-grades and the curriculum for each grade.

Just follow one simple rule and you won't make too much of a fool of yourself: "When in Rome do like the romans"

Also: remember to have fun

- Jørgen Jakob

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