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Olga Mihailova
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I have read here or elsewhere that in some clubs women start to wear hakama earlier for the reasons of modesty. Can anybody explain what is this problem about. All right, dogi was originally the underclothes but, first, it is much harder and more closed than linen and underlines not more than usual clothes do (much less sometimes). And, second, as I understood, the schools of Martial Arts as we know them appeared in the beginning of the XXth century when the level of the modesty requred had already been quite low. Why all the fuss?

And then how is hakama supposed to help? The only problem I have with my dogi is that sometimes it gets quite opened, that's why I wear a T-shirt or a top underneath. But hakama...

Well, just a curiosity. But I'll be glad if anybody explains.

Have a nice day,

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