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ian wrote:
What I want to know is, based on actual encounters, what has happened to people that makes them think it is not practical, or has anyone had a failure of their Aikido?
Of course, insecurity and ego drive this all, but...

For people who train (in Aikido) -
They try to work with a beginner or are demonstrating something for a friend and find that they can't make the technique work because "uke" isn't cooperating. Hence Aikido "doesn't work". They then have seem to follow several directions:

- quit and find something more effective
- try to learn how to make it more effective (train more, find other teachers, or whatever)
- give up and just focus on the "spiritual" benefits they enjoy

For people who don't train (in Aikido) -
Besides being informed by the latter who quit before figuring it out (or got beat up while trying to find out), Aikido in general has the uniquely emphasized (not unique, just the emphasis is unique) of peaceful conclusion to conflict and take that to mean that Aikidoka don't learn to attack. Indeed, we've all seen schools and individuals where Aikido is done more as a dance than a martial art. Then they extrapolate.

All in my opinion and naturally probably leaving lots out.

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