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Agree with Damon about his perspective on the importance of the historical purpose.

I was reading Thoreau's Walden last night...he provoked an interesting thought.

He stated he did not understand why people were so fascinated with the Pyramids in Egypt. He felt that it was a huge waste of time spent building somethng to appease the ego of the nation or of the royality for who they were built. He felt sorrow for those that spent their lives in pain and suffering and death that toiled on them.

He said he'd rather learn about what those who did not build the pyramids spent there time doing.

While I always find it interesting to learn the trival historical significance of something as the Hakama, what true value does that knowledge lend to your becoming a better or happier person?

I do think it is a good reminder, at least for me of the seven virtues of budo that the pleats represent....I think tradition in this sense serves a remind us of why we study!

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