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ian wrote:
What I want to know is, based on actual encounters, what has happened to people that makes them think it is not practical, or has anyone had a failure of their Aikido?
Ian [/b]
Well Ian. The first time I ever applied a techniq was actually a friendly one (wich would make it work less well one would think) agaings one of those people who wants to test you because you train in a martial art. The guy wouldn't stop naging about me showing a technique to him so he took it in his own hands, litteraly. He grabbed my wrist( would you beleve it) and laughing asked me what I supposed to do agains something like that! I couldn't beleve it, but of some reason proceeded with a schoolbook Kaitennage... and it worked completely the way it should. He even took a step back with his foot( as we do as uke) and I could just continue with a pin ( we were in a room, so throwing was out of the question [in this case!!]). I was really taken on my bed on that one, I mean in a complex technique like kaiten nage one would beleve that the attacker in RL wouldn't do what uke does in the dojo.
My point is, and the sad fact is, that many people have a hard time to beleve in some of the techniques in a RL situation, because they have simply never been there, and if they have, they didn't use the techniques.

May thoughts on that one. Hope it gave some answers and not questions.

Jakob B

Jakob Blomquist
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