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I think that Aikido by its very essence is not violent. it teaches harmony Ai, as its founding principal. violence is opposition fighting not harmony. in my experience (limited perhaps) I have felt Aikido applied "vigorously" but never violently. that is at least what I would call Aikido. I have felt Jujitsu like application which is violent and aggressive.

I think however that Aikido is a philosophy in practice, hence the way of aiki.

violence causes rifts anger hate. Aikido is meant to build love. I think O-Sensei said something along those lines.

I will go on to state that in my opinion you don't walk into a dojo and start doing Aikido. I have only done Aikido a handful of times in the physical sense (from attack). so to me the techniques are only an expression of Aikido not truly aiki.

sorry to go off on a tangent and get all philosophical, and perhaps preachy. these are just my thoughts, perhaps wrong. I don't intend to offend anyone.

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