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maybe they're not big weights to a guy like you, but they are to me (i'm female if you hadn't already guessed)

hmmm...but the soviets also encouraged their female gymnasts to fall pregnant a month or so before they competed...something to do with food intake i think. it sounds crazy, but it was an ex gymnast from russia who told me


ugh, i'm imagining something worse than tae bo. i know too many non-martial artists who have gone to those kind of workouts and now reckon they can 'handle themseleves on the streets'. saying that, surely it can't be a bad thing to use that kind of exercise to supplement martial arts training?

Aikido: a martial art which allows you to defeat your enemy without hurting him, unless of course he doesn't know how to breakfall in which case he will shatter every bone in his body when he lands. Also known as Origami with people
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