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Re: Aikido & other forms of exercise

Greg Hahn (GregH) wrote:
Hello All,

I wanted to find out your thoughts on other types of exercise to supplement Aikido training. Specifically, if anyone out there lifts weights, what types of

movements/exercises to you find the most beneficial? Thanks for your time.

I get mighty bored with weights, so I follow the idea "perpetual motion" bodyweight workouts. 5 days a week. No seesion lasting over 20 minutes. Change every two weeks.

Here's last weeks routine. I use numbers rather than days, so if I feel tired one day, I'm not locked into anything.


Hindu Squats

Hindu Pushups

Plate hamstring pulls


Tabata protocol on stationary bike

(sprint 20 secs... rest 10) x 5




Heel lift

Frog Hops

Plate hamstring pulls


Grappler's toolbox and ukemi workout


Stretching and rubber band uchikomi

Combined with breathing exercises (3x daily).

I've also gotten involved in a dumb bet (50 chin ups by May 1), so every few hours I pump out a few chinups on the back of the bedroom door.

I've been thinking lately I need to do more plyos for aikido. I had a game of tag with the dog this weekend and they sure are speedy little devils!

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