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Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
To me, it seems like the main feauture of the position should be that you've got a comfortable, secure grip on the sword and you're in the most ready-to-move position possible. I have not found any way to 'hide' it in which this is the case - it always involves cocking the wrists and/or arms awkwardly, which results in a slower start and a less relaxed/neutral feeling stance.
And as I tell beginning kendo students, "If the right way always felt comfortable and natural, everyone would be master swordsmen. Now, we know not everyone is a master swordsman." Sure it was awkward at first, but so is chudan. Now I find wakigamae comfortable and secure. Like everything, it just takes practice.

Wakigamae is on the defensive side of the spectrum anyway. If you want "most ready-to-move," you want jodan, but that's certainly not a "relaxed/neutral feeling stance." (There's a reason it's sometimes referred to as hi no kamae.)

Now what did this have to do with giant pants?

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