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scarry one
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I am confused (very common now days) I counted the post and out of the 7 only 1 seems to really be against new attacks. (Far different than the poll results). Our Dojo has begun to train in these less traditonal attacks and what a uproar! I have heard the same protest, that we are no longer doing Aikido. That I do not come here to kill or mame. Or my personal favorite, that is not how so and so did it. I do not want my Aikido to become gutter fighting either, but, I am not taking dance class. I read the training with weapons article on this home page and feel that this same issue is addressed. I do not want to invest time in a system that only works in a controlled environment. Yes I think more and different attacks will improve my Aikido. As far as more tecniques, let me know when you have a comlpete list of them...
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