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Whoa Max! How's that for a first post ? On this forum it's quite ok to make a few wise remarks now and then, but that kind of trolling / putting down is not looked upon kindly. Now go practice instead of getting your stomack acid building up by reading these forums.

And now to answer the question: I have been wearing a hakama for about a year in aikido, and for two years in kendo/iaido training. Part of it is tradition - I'll admit that, yet in my opinion it also serves a purpose. The hakama will force you to move in a different way and if tied properly it will also give you a feeling of a somewhat 'heavier' center. It also has the advantage that the little plate in the back is a constant reminder to straighten your back - a little bit like if your have ever tried to wear a formal suit with those long sleaves on the back - it forces you to have a better and more upright posture.

Some people also claim that the proces of folding the hakama after practice is a good teacher of disciplin and patience. I think they have a point. Taking care of your equipment is always a good way to train your mind.

Finally it forces you to get to the dojo a little earlier, since it takes a while putting it on

For more information go check out

Hope this helps

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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