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When O'Sensei began teaching his new art he offered it to masters of other martial arts - men who were successful and strong in their own ways. Aikido was a way to mitigate the violence of these arts; to allow a more humane and modern appraoch. I don't believe that he ever really expected it to be taught as a complete art in and of itself.

He said that " to protect and defend all life is both our mission and our prayer - and we call our path take musu aiki". Without the ability to launch a successful attack - which most aikidoka can't - we have a difficult time defending.

I truly believe that suplimental training in some form of aggessive, percussive art is necesssary just to be able to train in aikido well. Saotome Sensei has long emphasized the striking arts in his advanced training. It remains for the 'everyday senseis' to foster and promote mastership in all ways.

Great subject Jun.

Daniel G. Linden
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