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Joseph Huebner
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Greetings from Michigan!

I'm not a voice of great experience, having only been studying for two months but perhaps a newbie's voice with this matter is justifiable. I would recommend observing a class, and participating in a class as well.

In this time I had some preconceptions about aikido I learned were false; even after doing alot of reading about aikido. It's pretty much the difference in reading about it, and actually doing it. My recommendation is to visit the dojo, and observe a class. See how the class goes, and ask yourself if this is for you. Better yet, ask to participate in an initial class. I would look for positives such as a cooperative learning experience, especially with newer students. Write down any questions you have and talk with students as well as your sensei.

Perhaps this sounds nutty, but I feel that I did not choose aikido as much as aikido called me.

I hope this helps you on your way.

Joseph Huebner
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