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always with interest, i know i'm still learning

its not that i don't like gradings, i quite enjoy working under pressure - the last grading i did was on an injured leg ( i'd run up the steps to my friend's house, an hour before the grading, slipped and opened up a huge cut all the way down my left thigh. i was actually more worried about not being able to walk properly, or turning my gi bright red and being told to leave the mat ). i just don't really know the aikido system well enough to know whether i'd actually deserve a grade. i've heard of other students who have been given grades, when the teacher claims they weren't really deserved. i don't want to be given something that i haven't earned.


incidentally, has anyone else ever heard of this sort of thing before?


Aikido: a martial art which allows you to defeat your enemy without hurting him, unless of course he doesn't know how to breakfall in which case he will shatter every bone in his body when he lands. Also known as Origami with people
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