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Depends on the unit, primarily. My understanding is that SOCOM has the money to experiment with many different training styles. They have hosted trainings by instructors of Aikido, TKD, judo, tai chi and karate. However, they do not have the focus of training you might as a civilian. They don't have the time. There is so much else to know (e.g. deployment, marksmanship, munitions, demolitions, commo, language, etc.) that SOCOM units don't all have training like we might see it. Their training is focused on the concept of "violence of action" (not my term) which posits that you engage with a huge amount of aggressive energy and subdue (kill) your opponent in the least amount of time. Please keep in mind that these individuals are not encouraged to be "enlightened warriors" but rather the most dangerous head of the hydra that is American foreign policy.


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