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First of all,

Other schools don't care what your rank is at your previous school. This seems to be my experiance.

I know our schools ranking system is different then others. I have looked at other schools in different cityes and even been told by a few that my previous schools rank means nothing, they will determin what my rank will be when you train there. That is also what we do at our school. You can train here if you are a 1st dan, however if you want to test, Sensi won't invite you to test unless he thinks you are up to par.

Second, to be asked to test should be only an invitation, not a demand.

Third, you should not be diallowed the opurtunity to test if you don't want to join some organization. Of course I don't know what this organization is, prehapse you could elaborate on what this organization is that they make you join.
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