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I think that testing is a good thing as it requires students to train techniques that they may not do very often and try to avoid for whatever reason. Some of these people forget that there is more to learning a technique than just that one but also some principles. I believe that if sensei asks someone to test that they should as it will continue this growth and, at higher ranks, a greater understanding of the art itself. I personally have a bit of a quandary as I begin to catch up to my senseis in rank. I don't believe that I should be their equal in rank as I do not believe that I am as good or hold their understanding. Then again if sensei asks... As far as testing for another organization, if you are training with a different organization than you last tested with I don't understand the problem. The old sensei may not like it but if you will not be training with him/her for a long time should you halt grading for that? If it is a short term switch of organizations I understand but not if it is long term. When it comes to different organizations I may border on being blastphemous but aren't we really trying to train aikido? Does it matter who we follow as long as we like how and what our senseis teach? Just my $.02.

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