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Talking Opening Doors

crystalwizard wrote:
had something happen to me tonight that after it happened I realized was directly a result of aikido training. I opened a door. Ok let me explaine here.

I was leaving the local 7-11 and the door, which was a push, was stuck. I started to strong arm it, something went click, I vaguely mentaly heard the word no and changed my movement, using my whole body (center leading even) to open the door. Ok no big thing but I found it rather startling. I mean, we dont exactly train to blend with doors.

So i got to wondering...who else has done something or had something happen to them that in thinking back their reactions were based on aikido, that had nothing to do with being attacked or maybe even involved another person?

My instructor is fond of mentioning a simular incident of opening a door. A student of his was trying to get out of school (Aren't we all?) and couldn't open a door that had a panic bar across it. Those are the doors that have that rod-like device that you have to push to open the door.

After several frustrating attempts at "pushing" the door open, he decided to try using his whole body and did rowing exercise, which suceeded in opening the door.

Unfortunately, he discovered that the door was stuck because it was locked and he had just broken it by "opening" it. He quickly fled the scene of his crime.

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