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Dan Gudmundson
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Thinking of starting Aikido....

Hi Folks,

I am seriously thinking of starting Aikido. I have always been facinated with the Martial Arts, and have recently began researching different arts. I am restricted though as where I live, we dont have that many to choose from. I am not a violent person and am not looking for an art where I can show off high kicks, and break boards with my head.

My real reason for thinking of joining an art is for the self defence aspect, as well as the over all mental aspect of it. I"m a 26 year old male, used to be an athlete (was untill I got stuck on an online video game and just quit)

We have 1 Dojo in my area (Regina, Saskatchewan Canada) Called Classical Japanese Martial Arts. THey teach Aikido and Kendo.

I geuss what i'm looking for, is any advice for getting started. I think i'll call the school and see if I can sit in and watch an evening and maybe talk to some students. This web site has been a great fountain of information for me and I applaud you for the great site!

Well, i'm totally rambling now. Thank you for any adivce you may have.

Dan Gudmundson
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