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Edward Karaa (Edward) wrote:
I was told clearly that I was considered to be a student of Tohei student and as such was mistaken to have trained with other teachers during my stay in Japan. Tohei Sensei also criticized the Founder's teaching methodology and said in no uncertain terms that I should focus my efforts on his ki approach to aikido.
I like wrestling with Edward so I do. Traditionally speaking the idea of training with multiple shihan is a no go. You really only have one teacher of Aikido. Some of the current shihan are more relaxed about this, some less. Some differentiate quite strongly between deshi and the others (including yudansha) in the club. At Shodokan Honbu for example, receiving Shodan implies that you have become a student of Nariyama. The associated piece of cloth is a personal gift. As such I am very careful to ask his opinion about training outside the dojo and making sure I listen to him. The official (ie. full time) deshi of course have no time. He is quite reasonable but ... you are his.

Apparently many people critisize Ueshiba M.'s teaching style why should Tohei be any different?
Now it is obvious, at least to me, that while Osensei produced such highly-skilled studenst with his non-methodical aikido teaching, the ones who established instructional systems such as Saito, Tohei, Tomiki, Shioda failed to produce any outstanding students of their own, I mean not as skilled or more skilled than themselves.
Don't be so sure, Tomiki said some interesting things about some of his students. I am sure Shioda and Mochizuki might have had similar commments.

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