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Hello Mr.Rehse

I stand corrected...

Yes , you're right i shouldnt have addressed Mike personally but the comment on itself , basically because I get from the ironic way in wich he stated his question to Edward that he himself doesnt believe such absurd thing.

Neither do i think Mr.Karaa could be blamed of going too far , he's only quoting someone else on the subject.

You're also right on the fact , that Tohei Sensei highlighted how Ueshiba did teach him how to relax altought i didnt get from the interview that it was all he got from the Founder.

On the same interview however, Sensei Tohei also refers to the Founder as "Master of the art of relaxing" , in another article based on an Interview conducted by W.Reed , he (Tohei) calls Ueshiba a "Master of KI".

But i wonder why always that kind of comments takes the spotlight...

Sensei Tohei was certainly unorthodox on his ways , but saying he didnt have Ueshiba Sensei in high esteem , again i think , its going too far.

Best regards to you all , and thanks Peter for helping me see my mistake.

My apologies to Mike if i did hurt your feelings.

Please excuse my broken english

Plus KI!.

"Perfection is a Process"
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