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Thank you to all who have replied!
Stress can build up over the course of your life and things you take for granted (sore muscles, stiff joints) can build up to the point that... well, to be "technical", everything is outta WHACK! Seriously though, massage therapy, accupressure and accupuncture are bone fide treatments and I'd bet real money that what doctors aren't seeing in their tests is something mental/spiritual and not nessecarily physical.
I have seen a chiropractor ( as I've had my back reset twice in the last six years, most recently about three months ago) and have found that having my joints manually manipulated has little or no effect on my pain. Temporary, maybe three weeks, relief at best. I'm going to take a look into Accupressure and possibly accupunctute (I'm terrified of needles) while I'm home during the summer. There are very few specialists out in the boonies.
another thing that may help is Meditation. sometimes, if the pain is a psycho/spiritual manifestation, by truly experiencing and accepting that it is what it is,it can simply disappear.
I do meditate on a daily basis. My daily routine starts out with yoga and meditation. If I don't do a few minutes of yoga at the very least, my mobility isn't that great. My meditations are mainly geared to relaxing my muscles, as I have yet to progress to a form of meditation as you have suggested.
[quote]Have you changed your diet? Cutting down on fat intake I mean. This can cause joint stiffness and pains.

I am sure you r have been advised about eating (or taking in supliments) garlic and cod liver oil, but also look to omega 3 fatty acids (also good for weight loss), found in deep sea fish (and also linseed oil, but it tastes aweful).

Also, and this may surprise you, but do you drink a lot of diet drinks? I mean Diet Coke and such. Aspartame has a lot of side effects and it could be worth you researching.[/QUOTE)

Diet wise, I am only able to eat once or twice a day. (I know that aint great, but that's how things are..) I generally keep my diet balanced, though I avoid fats and oils like the plague ( as I've had a history of gall attacks). I do not drink carbonated drinks, pop or even diet drinks. Juice, water, and the occasional iced tea.

There has been some talk of gloucosomine (sp?), but I have yet to research it.

As to testing on certain desieses, I've come up clear on every test. Lupus, Fibromalgyia (sp?) and all that. Though from what I've read so far, one "test" can't identify most syndromes positively?

Sorry for the short response,


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