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Re: new levels of nonsense

Mike Lee (mike lee) wrote:
Then why do Ki Society dojos continue to maintain a photo of O-Sensei if their leader has "absolutely no respect" for the Founder?
Think you're going way too far on that Mike , i dont see in any part of the original post any lack of respect for the Founder , what was only questioned i understand is wheter or not he (Ueshiba) developed an efficient method of teaching his art.

Neither i've read any interview or article where Tohei Sensei or any other Uchi Deshi of Ueshiba expressed any lack of respect for the later , all of them i believe are or were men of great value , and paying that way would be rather a shame.

If you make some investigation you'll encounter that most of the Deshi were often lost between Ueshiba Esoteric and religious dissertion , so they ended learning more seeing him that actually hearing.

So , the original question remain valid , was Morihei Ueshiba as great as a teacher as he undoubtely was a martial artist?

On a personal level , altough "I" consider this a rather interesting issue (personally) , really can't see how this would make our community any better.

So i think is better for the sake of an fruitful and adult "conversation" , that we hold our horses and dont be so quick to label anyone else opinion.

Best Regards

Ottoniel David

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