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A nice anecdote

A wonderful aikido instructor from Belgium, Anita Bonavert(?), often comes to St-Andrews in Scotland to teach. After one particular seminar had ended everyone went out to a restaurent and half way throught the evening Anita got up to go to the bathroom, she went to a door that she thought was the bathroom opened it and found that it wasn't so she closed it and went to the correct door. At this point we all noticed that the manager kept looking at the first door then to where Anita had went and back again to the door. This carried on all evening until at the end of the evening when we were paying the bill, he came over to ask who Anita was and how was it that she was able to open a door that had been jammed shut since he took over the place which no-one had ever been able to open since he could remember.

Oh yeah Anita is under five foot.

Regards Paul Finn
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