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testing, IMHO, is more of an intimate communication b/w a teacher and student. Some of us are guilty of training without a clear path on where we really want to go. Testing, maybe, is one way your sensei ensures that you are following a path. I've always looked at it as a time for me to review with my teacher where I am at with my training and not a "promotional" event that some people percieve it to be. On the other side, I dont think anyone should be "forced" to test - again it should be a mutual understanding b/w you and your teacher. Refusing a request to be reviewed or tested, IMHO, seems to be rude to your teacher - it shows that you do not trust them enough - to know that you are ready to take that step- in their eyes. As far as becoming part of an organization - thats inevitable - you made a concious descision to be part of that group when you selected to train with that teacher. Like someone mentioned before, you can always leave at a later time or maybe search for someone whose not affiliated. Just my two yen

ps. I've never refused to test, but I was asked to repeat a test before..
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