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to use the above stated example.
Who said anything about smooth? I will readily admit to being afraid. the glass/shiv was reall, the attack was real, the feear was real. But lets be honest. I had no desire to be lying on the ground holding in my guts. Therefore I needed to do something. In this case it worked. In another case, I was at a movie when these rather rude young men became loud. I aske the management to ask them to be quiet. No sense in creating a scene and all that. After the management had left, they promptly walked over and began threatening me. After attempting to calmly explain that I was trying to watch a movie with my wife, and would they please go away and be quiet. They escalated. Not wanting to be caught unaware I stood and faced them, and centered. With no more than that I showed them that I was not afraid and had confidence. they left. Would I have faired as well as in the other case, I don't know. But they, for some reason, decided that this was no longer fun. Remember part of being victimized is being a victim. Be determined not to be and people generally go elswhere looking for easier prey. My wife used this example in a sermon a few weeks later, stating that I showed no fear. Good, I am glad that the fear did not show, but the truth is it took another 10 minutes for my knees to stop shaking, and when we left the theatre at the end of the movie, I was looking around VERY carefully for those people, so as to not be caught unaware. Is this not using Aikido comabt effectively as much as the former example? No I di not make them back down, they made thir own choice, as do we all. I simply showed that my choice was to NOT be a victim. They than had to decide on their choice. True, I could have sat there and hoped that someone else would deal with the situation, but tha was being a victim. Se above.
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