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Alot of people are getting upset over these posts and alot more are being just down right disrepectful to Aikido and O-Sensei's memory. O-Sensei isn't here to defend himself so I'll stand up for him.

"should not be called O Sensei because he was never able to train someone up to his level."

-That's not even funny. How, by any form of reasoning or logic, can you say that someone knows better than the creator. Is that even possible ? No, it's not.

I don't believe O-Sensei had "super powers" and I don't think he did either. He was just a man trying to help people find their way and that was it. Maybe he was enlightened, sure, but I didnt think we were all studying under shidoshi's are we ?

As far as who is the best I didn't think Aikido was about competition. I just thought Aikido was supposed to be about harmonizing. Isn't that what it means ?

Of course no one is going to be able to do the techniques exactly like O-Sensei or Sensei Tohei or anybody else but guess what? They can't do the techniques the exact way you or I or anybody does them either. Their way isn't automatically better than anyone else's just because they've done it about half a million more times.

Does it make it more effective ? YES, it does.

Down deep I'm very upset that someone would even pose the theory that O-Sensei didn't earn that title but that's not very Aiki to say it or think it.

Personally I think it's extremely disreprectful to O-Sensei's memory not to mention all the hard work and dedication that he put in AND I also think that someone is simply trying to cause trouble.

Go play in the sandbox little boy, the rest of us are tyring to learn.....RESPECTIVELY.

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