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Ok, so Maybe some of the details are a little blurry in my mind, you know that whole time slows down and everyone around you moves in slo-mo thing, but if aikido just doesn't really work, why did I not get my belly sliced open 6 years ago when that teen attacked me with a 12" long piece of jagged glass? How was I able to take it from him with nothing more for damage to him, than a sore wrist, and the cuts to his palm that he inflicted in weilding it? nd don't tell me it wasn't a committed attack and he wasn't really trying. I was there, I saw it in his eyes.
This was after only 5 years, when I knew more than I do now about Aikido. Ok, so maybe my kotegasihe wasn't pretty, and wasn't against a stylized attack. But I am here, and depsite his screaming for me to go ahead and break his wrist, he still had two working wrists last I knew.
Sorry folks, you may be more or less andvanced in rank than I, but I am convinced that my aikido can work. Sure, there are plenty of people out there that are still bigger and badder than I, but thats why I practice the rest of Aikidos principles.

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