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jxa127 wrote:
I've found that I tend to pick up things I've either knocked over or dropped before they hit the ground. My sensei has noticed the same thing about himself. His opinion is that we tend to notice movement ealier and are better aware of how to move to intercept the falling object.


Sounds good to me.

-Drew A.
I remember when I first started to experience that years ago. Now I like to attribute it to improved mind-body coordination. However, when I miss, I usually attribute it to the fact that I'm a clumsy moron, or, if there are witnesses, I just say "I MEANT to do that!".

One of my favorite kinds of experiences like these, which I like to relive relatively frequently, is when my right elbow had some tendinitis (yes from aikido). I was trying to lift a nice, big, full, heavy mug of beer to my thirsty lips and my elbow started to hurt. I realized that I was trying to lift with my elbow sticking out to the side. So then I just brought my elbow in as in ikkyo movement, and that nice cold glass went right up to my mouth with no pain! Mmmmmmmmmmm!

Robert Cronin
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