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joeysola wrote:
Suru, I agree with you. I have never trained in Aikido, I have a background in wrestling and boxing, and have recently taken up Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I have spared against people with Aikido backgrounds and their way of counter simple punches does not work at all and they get tagged big time over and over, not to mention that they can never seem to keep their hands up. Another problem I have seen is that there is no real matwork involved. There are thousands of guys out there who wrestled in high school and Aikido practitiors probably can get out of the most simple wrestling or Judo pins. I would like to pose a question now. Why can't someone train in a more practical martial art and still adhere to the principles of Aikido.
Hey Joeysola

I've been reading your posts and I must say your partially correct. There are a lot of Aikido schools out there that are flat out crap! Like most internal arts (e.g. Taichiquan) Aikido is in danger of being taken over by Hippie wanna-be's who do nothin but talk about their latest Ki experiences. Most don't really know Ukemi. Most go through a training session without getting a bruse. Many get confused as to "Why" Aikido was created in the first place, thinking it some sort of new age religion. Unknown to most is that O'Sensi created Aikido to still the mind of a Budoka resulting in an inner peace.

The key term is Budoka "One who practices Budo!" (i.e. A martial art used to cultivate the spirit!) When I hear someone say I don't practice Aikido for fighting, I think that's a bunch of B.S. (then go join a Zen monastery!) If you don't practice Aikido for fighting/self defense then why are you doing it? Yea! yea! yea! some people claim to practice Aikido for the fun of it. "I guess they find it fun defending themselves against an attacker? (this is probably true, but are we not right back to the idea of Budo) Then we have the ones who say "I practice Aikido for the spirtual side", "crap it's all "bloody crap!" That is like me saying I fire my handgun at the range for spiritual gratification.... I suppose O'sensi got spiritual gratification when he defended Aikido against Judoka, Karateka etc....

There are Aikido Dojo out there that train hard and practical. At our school we watch the new age Hippies come into our dojo and high tail it out as fast as you can say "can I help you?" In this month alone I've seen a 6 foot 2 inch bouncer, 1st Dan in Taekwondo and and a Karateka leave after only several session. Most of the Aikidoka at our dojo could perform well in judo and jujitsu tournaments, some do(myself included). We practice ground fighting and most of us use close to full speed strikes as Uke. One of the Aikidoka at our dojo grappled with Royce Gracie during a Jujitsu clinic and Sensi Gracie commented on how elusive he was. (That speaks volumes in itself) We use small circles and don't train in flowery stuff that looks good, but doesn't work.

Joeysola you also have to remember that some of these people on this news group are the type of people I'm talking about when describing "new age hippies". They subscribe to all the latest Ki cultivating magizines, never knowing Ki is simply the combimation of technique, willpower, and skill. They go there whole Aikido career never believing Ki can be achieved through long hard practice. By pointing out their lack of Budo you are highliting insecurities within themselves(they know they're not really training, they just get mad when they realize you know too).

You should know this by now and should stop antagonizng them. If you walk on the martial side then know that there are "some" Aikidoka that also walk the walk and talk the talk.
Aikido for now is still Budo, but for how long I can not say....let's hope it doesn't go the way of Taichiquan.

Budo is Budo nothing more..... nothing less......

Paul Calugaru
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