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joeysola wrote:
Suru, I agree with you. I have never trained in Aikido, but I was interested in finding out what it was all about and that is why I am here. I have a background in wrestling and boxing, and have recently taken up Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The school I am at does both. I have spared against people with Aikido backgrounds and their way of counter simple punches does not work at all and they get tagged big time over and over, not to mention that they can never seem to keep their hands up. Another problem I have seen is that there is no real matwork involved. There are thousands of guys out there who wrestled in high school and Aikido practitiors probably can get out of the most simple wrestling or Judo pins. I would like to pose a question now. Why can't someone train in a more practical martial art and still adhere to the principles of Aikido. Good boxing skills and grappling skills will allow you to avoid punches and take someone down without hurting them?

I am also an ex-boxer and wrestler. I still love to work the bags. I just love these kinds of remarks. You started your post with a sentence "I have never trained in Aikido" that statement alone sort of voids the rest of your post don't you think?

So you've "spared" against people with Aikido backgrounds, and now you assume that ALL Aikidoka have the same level of proficiency? Give me a break! That's the same as saying well, I "spared" with a boxer and knocked him out so boxing doesn't work. Does that really make sense to you? I hope you don't drive around town with those blinders on.

I'll tell you what, If you're ever in Orlando Fl. look up Shindai Aikikai. Ask for Daniel Pokorny (thats me) Come pay us a visit. Find out for yourself what Aikido is then you'll truly have your answer.

Dan P. - Mongo
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