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Drew Ames (jxa127) wrote:
My instructor, Keith Engle (whom I think you know), also makes the point that a really good attacker will not offer many opportunities for really effective atemi.
Yes, this is the point. What would that good attacker do when you threw your atemi? He would deflect it and strike your center. Or he would defect it and run a counter technique. If you are executing your Aikido movement properly you should be able to do your technique if the uke is attempting to defeat your atemi and counter strike or counter throw. It is precisely the instant in which he attempts to counter your atemi that you can enetr and take his center (for instance on a technique in which you have to move under the uke's arm like Sankyo). While the uke is trying to strike you, you are moving under the arm, his need to block or deflect the atemi in the first place put you ahead of him on your timing and you will pass under the arm to safety an instant before his atemi arrives to strike you. I'd like to see somone move under that arm without an atemi.

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