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There are some arts out there like that. The martial art I study, for example, has alot of things that someone will recognize as "Aikido". It's like someone else has said, you will find the same techniques in other martial arts as well.

Our style is primarily a striking style and uses joint locks when they present themself to accentuate and put down the opponent. We do not lock to just hold our opponent there. We also teach levels of response. That is, knowing how to use the same technique on a drunken friend that gets ticked off, up to someone who seriously wants to injure you.

It also teaches mental fighting strategies, for example. In the form of Wansu, physically it teaches how to dump someone. But, how can we apply that to everyday conversation, it addresses that as well knowing that most confrontations are verbal ones everyday with loved ones and coworkers. Not physical ones against an unknown assailant.

So Aikido is not the only martial art that teaches harmony either with an opponent. Others just have a different approach to it. Ueshiba used what worked for him at the time and others have found that it works for them as well. Find one that has that approach that works for you, don't blame the approach though.
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