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Joey you continue to say you're intersted yet all you continue to do is try to prove what you are working on works and aikido doesnt'. If you are really interested show it. go to an aikido dojo. join it. learn the techniques and practice them for a few years..diligently and not with the idea of proving your other styles are better or worse but with the idea of actualy learning them. If you're not interested enough after all this discussion, then I dont see how you are actualy interested in doing more than just talking. Aikido does work, providing you actualy want it to and aren't just practicing it for form or a modified version of ballet and provided you dont think you're going to have ingrained reflexes in a couple months time. After a while, if you are serious about learning it and you have worked long enough to start developing those reflexes you'll start to develop a deep enough understanding to block those things you are so sure can't be blocked...or get out of the way of them...or counter them in some manner that is aikido...but you wont get there through just talking.

Question is do you actualy want to be there or not?

Kelly Christiansen

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