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Hi Kaitlin

another thing that may help is Meditation. sometimes, if the pain is a psycho/spiritual manifestation, by truly experiencing and accepting that it is what it is,it can simply disappear.

then there is chiropractic.a good chiropractor can make pretty accurate diagnoses by just touching your arm and certain accu-points.some practice a technique called Neuro-emotional technique, which can pinpoint causes of many, many physical /emotional/ spiritual distress and again, can sometimes make them just vanish. I know, i've done it...

i know a lot of people will be throwing a lot of information and suggestions your way.if any of them "feel" right, explore them. if they feel "wrong". leave em.

and generally pain, whatever it's cause, is a signal to Slow Down.

take care of your body & your Self.Take your time- life, like Aikido, is a life-long process.


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